Our guarantee for quality teaching

We are committed to meeting our clients' needs and keep listening to them in their learning.


We use exciting, authentic, creative and up-to-date material adapted to the learner’s age, abilities and needs.
Grammar and vocabulary are not considered as ends in themselves, but as communicative tools.
We don’t want boring textbooks that are used across the board and bear little significance to the learner.


Every learner at Mastercraft receives an assessment questionnaire at the end of their course.
Your comments and feedback are important to us, as they can help us adapt and improve.
When we ask for our clients’ opinion, we make sure we take it into account.

Our clients' needs

We offer professional language solutions adapted to and in accordance with the client’s needs and requirements.
We don’t want impersonal standardized lessons that do not take the specific needs of the learner into account.

Our staff

Our teachers are all university graduates. They are recruited for their teaching skills and all have proven experience in language teaching. In addition, we provide them with ongoing training.
Competence, motivation, availability and ability to adapt to the learner, are key words for a quality service.
We don’t want unqualified staff who cut corners and take the easy option.

Transparency and evaluation

At the end of the training every participant is given a certificate detailing his/her progress, results and level, based on the Common European framework of reference for languages of the European Council (CEFR).
The certificates at Mastercraft Language Solutions are recognized by the Ministry of National Education and Professional Training.
Certificates are not granted if attendance is below 50 % of the lessons or if the learner’s progress has not reached a satisfactory level by the end of the training.


As every lesson is unique, special care is given to ensure continuity between each level of the Common European framework of reference for languages of the European Council (CEFR).
Our aim is to establish long-term business relations with our clients. Therefore, we guarantee that our clients will work with one and the same Mastercraft instructor, who will be committed to creating trust and continuity throughout the course.
We don’t want courses shared between two or more teachers and we avoid changing teachers during the training, unless specifically requested by the client.


We believe in developing a course structure hand in hand with our clients, that is, lessons which completely respond to our clients’ individual needs.
We don’t want standardized procedures which fail to take our clients’ expectations into account.


We keep a close eye on the market prices to ensure you get the best value for money.